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The Oracle of Starbucks

The Buttafly Guide to Interpreting
MySpace / Facebook / Friendster Photos
by Jennifer
Oct 27, 2003
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[See also: Part I and Part III.]
Example Photo Type What They Want
You to Think
The Truth
Blurry Artistic Has acne, possibly moustache if female
Anime Eccentric, possibly Japanese Computer programmer
Holding some sort of alcoholic beverage Fun, laid back There has never been a photograph taken of them where they weren't holding an alcoholic beverage
Very closely cropped Enigmatic Fat
Dude jamming on guitar He's in a popular band and rocks out all the time Unemployed
Close-up of breasts, usually in bustier Sexy and naughty Fat
Face at strange, usually downward, angle Eccentric, possibly supermodel Unattractive; this is the only good picture of them ever taken
Dark, brooding Doesn't care Dangerous, possibly a pirate
Cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny or Tweety Bird Cute, playful Immature, probably fat
Guy with beard sitting on couch Sits on the couch a lot,
has a beard
Sits on the couch a lot,
has a beard

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